Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up–September 28–Week 5

I was thinking about the point of doing a weekly wrap-up this week, and I really like what Carisa said at the top of her weekly wrap-up post. It’s a way to throw together some random things that I happen to capture or remember from this week in school.

This week, she proved to me that she has, in fact, memorized her first poem from First Language Lessons.

“The Caterpillar”

2012-09-24 Armored Vest (1)We made an “armored vest” like the Israelites would have worn during the time of David. Okay, not at all like it, but it was the best we could do for 1st grade, right? We used a pillowcase and milk jug sides. She punched holes in the top corners and I hand sewed them on.

We started discussing the Skeletal System in Anatomy. The hands-on project was to make a person out of play dough and try to stand it up.

2012-09-26 Anatomy Skeletal System (1)2012-09-26 Anatomy Skeletal System (3)

Of course it fell over. Then we made another one, this time with toothpicks inside as a “skeleton”

2012-09-26 Anatomy Skeletal System (7)Hey, look! That one is standing up!

We went to the farm on Wednesday as a field trip for tot school. More about that later. For now, here’s my sweet girl with her new pink parasol (really just an umbrella). It was a drizzly day, so of course she had to bring it.

2012-09-26 The Farm (12)

Thursday she had co-op and made two lyres, one on a hanger and the other on a shoe box, both with rubber bands. I didn’t get any pictures before they were played to their demise.

Friday and today, she’s camper camping in Rocky Mountain National Park with my mom and step-dad. I love that she gets to have adventures by herself, even if I am a bit jealous.


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