Monday, September 17, 2012

Tot School–Me and My Family

Tot School

Nathanael is currently 38.5 months

We had a very successful and normal school week this week! We focused on All About Me on Monday and All About Family on Thursday. I’m still tweaking my plan sheet and how I get it to you. Anyone have any opinions about Google Drive? Do you even want to see my plan sheet or just pictures of the activities that we did? Is anyone out there? Enough talking…here’s my weekly plan sheet for Me and My Family:

Me and My Family

Day 1: All About Me!

Verse Song:

Colossians 3:20




ABC I Like Me

I’m Gonna Like Me

I Like Me


All About Me Mini Book & Worksheets

Full Size Me

Jell-o Name


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes & Verse


Red Rover

Cubes: Picture Game

Video: Chrysanthemum


First Initial Cheese & Fruit Leather



Me and My Family

Day 2: My Family

Verse Song:

Colossians 3:20




Me and My Family Tree

Mommy Loves Her Baby/Daddy Loves His Baby

Oonga Boonga


Family Tree File Folder & Worksheets

Family Quilt

Family Puppets


He’s Got The Whole World

He’s Got The Whole World & Verse Song


Mommy Says (Simon Says)

Crazy Walk

Video: Because Your Daddy Loves You


People cutouts using tortillas and hummus

Activity: Family Puzzle

Extra Printouts

1.      Coloring Page from picture

2.      First Initial coloring pages

3.      Family Size Sort

To see my supplies list and print the plan sheet, download it here.

Day 1 Pictures:

2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (18)Worksheets

2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (17)Jell-o Name(Glue and powdered jello over printout of name)

2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (5)Name Game: I printed two pictures of each kid and put one set in a Stack n Smile Photo Blocks Stacking Toy. The other picture I put in a circle of yarn. We rolled the cube, then they had to run to that kid’s circle an stand in it.

2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (6)Full Size Me: I traced each kid on a large piece of paper and then let them color it. If we’d had more focus, I’d have let them decorate it more, but coloring it was about all they could handle by this point.

2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (12)Nate was very proud of his picture Smile

Day 2 Pictures:

PicturesDot Painting their initials. They love the dot painting!

Pictures-001Family Puzzles: I printed a plain black and white family picture and another color one on cardstock. I then cut the color one into four pieces and had them lay it over the black and white one. This was just enough of a puzzle for my bunch. They were able to just do it by themselves. Mostly. It was very good practice.


2012-09-10 Tot School All About Me (16)Nate has been enjoying daddy’s new Nexus tablet. His current favorite game is Kid’s Shape Puzzle so we actually bought the full version for once.

Here’s the books we used this week:

This week we are only doing one day because I have a huge consignment sale to get ready (which I already mentioned in my Weekly Wrap-Up Post, but it bears repeating!) If you’re local, be sure to join us on Friday. 9/21, from 10-8 and Saturday, 9/22, from 9-2 for the biggest and best kid’s consignment sale in the area!


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