Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up–September 21–Week 4

I posted last week that I knew this week was going to be crazy busy, I just didn’t realize exactly how busy! I survived the consignment sale, but just barely; the good thing, though, was I was able to purchase all new wardrobes for Kahlen and Nathanael AND we still have enough money to buy the new bike trailer that we’ve had our eye on for some time, whoohoo! So, we did very little school last week, but we did a few neat things:

For Anatomy, we created a edible cell model using jell-o and various candies.

2012-09-17 Jello Cell Model (7) (Top)2012-09-17 Jello Cell Model (2)(Bottom before I inverted it)

We had cytoplasm (the jell-o), mitochondria (peanut M&Ms), Lysosomes (Skittles), Golgi bodies (Gummi Lifesavers), Endoplasmic Reticulum (Fruit Leather), some with Ribosomes (Nerds), Centrioles (Twizzler Pull’n’Peel), and a Nucleus (Gobstopper). Nate watched. Kahlen did most of it. Then they ate it, which was a special treat because I hardly ever (like, this may be the first time for them) make jell-o.

2012-09-17 Jello Cell Model (9)2012-09-17 Jello Cell Model (11)2012-09-17 Jello Cell Model (12)

Hmm, I guess that’s only one neat thing. We did complete math, spelling, and a flip book of definitions for anatomy.

2012-09-21 Anatomy Flip Book (3) (Picture taken with my phone, sorry!)

That’s about all we got done last week. This week is shaping up to be a much calmer week, thank goodness! We are taking a field trip for tot school tomorrow, but if everything goes according to plan (haha), we’ll still have time before and after for regular school.


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