Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up–September 14–Week 3

I feel like we might be getting into the swing of things a bit better. Still feeling 1/2 a step behind as far as planning, etc, goes, but the curriculum that we’re using this year doesn’t require that much planning, except for Tapestry of Grace, which I have actually spent time planning. The other subjects, though, I can basically just pick up the book and do the lesson with very little prep, hooray!!

This week was the first week of our 1st grade co-op. While I’m teaching Tot School at my house, a friend is taking Kahlen and doing 1st grade Tapestry of Grace work once a week. This week, they did a cast of an arrowhead while talking about the bronze age and also worked on a mini-book about Animals of Israel, which is part of Erica’s Expedition Earth: Discovering God’s Animals curriculum.

2012-09-16 First Grade (3)

2012-09-16 First Grade (1)Here’s the arrowhead broken out of it’s clay cast. They just used plaster to make the arrowhead.

We also worked on a tribes of Israel map. I used an outline map of Israel and roughly traced in the lines of the tribes. She then had to label each territory based on the map I traced the lines from.

2012-09-16 First Grade (5)

Since we were talking about Joshua and Judges this week, I also let her watch Josh and the Big Wall as well as Gideon, Tuba Warrior. I’m happy that she’s finally at an age that she likes VeggieTales, because I like to watch them too :)

We also worked on a basic drawing of Cell Anatomy in science. She did all the drawings, based on the picture in the book, and asked me to do the labels, which I was happy to do. 2012-09-16 First Grade (2)


We of course continued on in Math and Spelling, nothing exciting to report there. In Language Arts, she is really close to memorizing her first poem, The Caterpillar by Christina Rosetti. She got inspired when her buddy recited it to her at co-op, and came home and worked on it! This is a case where peer pressure is a good thing :)

Next week is promising to be another crazy one! There’s a huge consignment sale twice a year that I sell at called the Grow With Me Sale, which features all thing kid. I sell their old stuff and buy all their new stuff, but it takes a lot of time to tag and prepare the stuff to sell, not to mention getting it all to the sale and working my shift at the sale. Totally worth it, though! I end up selling about as much as I spend for the kids’ wardrobes for the entire year! If you’re in the area, you should come check it out Friday from 10-8 and Saturday from 9-2 (lots of 1/2 price stuff on Saturday!). It’s at The Ranch and admission and parking are free.

That’s it for first grade this week…what did you do for school?


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