Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up–September 7–Week 2

Well, I have less pictures this week, not more. Oops. Really, we didn’t get to that much this week. With Labor Day on Monday, and my sister in town, it made me glad that we homeschool and that it’s just not a big deal if we don’t get to everything.

Let’s see…what did we do? Monday we did a Healthy Kids Fun Run, which was supposed to be one mile and was actually only 6/10 of a mile. But that was fine, she was running exceedingly slow that time. Which is not always the case. Got this picture of her after the race, which was held on the oval at Colorado State University, my alma mater.IMG_20120903_082950

We completed the second week of spelling words. Still easy for her, which is good, and still definitely good practice.

She did another lesson in her Draw Write Now book, but this time it took much cajoling because she wanted to come do tot school with us instead, that looked way more fun.  (And yes, I’m working on a post about Tot School, it’s just long and I have to sort through all the pictures and, well, I have three kids)

We worked a tiny bit on her junior notebooking journal for Apologia science, but did not cover any new information.

We did start the Alpha book from Math U See. The first few lessons should be review for her, but she was having a hard time focusing on the lesson, so it still took a long time. Finally, I bribed her with Reading Kingdom to finish her worksheets.

Tuesday, she played with her Aunt and Uncle. Wednesday, she whined her way through the Draw Write Now lesson. Thursday, we actually got some school done, but only for about 1/2 the time I wanted. Thursday afternoon and evening was spent with family, and then Friday was with my sister again until she left for the airport to fly back to Portland. It was a short school week.

Next week, the goal/plan is to start with Tapestry where we left off last year (most of the way through Year 1:Unit 2). We’ll be starting with the life of David, good times! I’m actually really glad that we’ve been easing into it, and not trying to start everything in the first week.

Here’s to the weekend! Kahlen will be doing the Mud Brigade kid’s run tomorrow morning, and we might try to check out this life-size replica of the Ancient Hebrew Tabernacle that will be in Loveland for a week.


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