Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tot School–Homes and Houses

Tot School

Nathanael is currently 38.5 months

Last week, we only met one day for our co-op, and we did one day of activities at home. With Labor Day and my sister being in town, it was a mixed-up kinda week :)

Our theme was “Homes and Houses”. When I started working on the plan, I was stumped, but once I started rolling, I actually found a bunch of great resources! Thank you to the others who post your things so that I can use them too. I am also trying out Google Drive for sharing my plan sheets and printables with you, please please let me know if you have any trouble so I can try something else!

Here’s what we did for our Homes unit:

2012-09-05 Tot School Home (1)Building a house from shapes. Teaching shapes, use of glue stick, and spatial awareness.

2012-09-05 Tot School Home (5)Cracker Houses. I really couldn’t find a good snack that didn’t involve graham crackers, which we did twice last week. That, and I didn’t have time to go to the store and get anything special. So this is my creation: cracker “houses” stuck together with plain cream cheese. The kids liked it, so I guess that’s what counts :)

2012-09-05 Tot School Home (7)
Three year old version of jumping jacks, heehee.

Two activities we did at home on Thursday:

Homes MatchingHome Size Sort
(click to download PDF versions)

2012-09-06 Tot School Home (6)


These are the books that we read and some others that I checked out from the library but we didn’t get to.

What did you do for school this week?


I have a Pinterest board for all of my Tot School findings too, which of course I will be adding to as the year goes.

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