Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy 11th Anniversary to me! (and hubby too, of course)

Our 11th wedding anniversary was last Saturday, we took the kids for a picnic at the park we got married at. We all had a good time and I even let Kahlen use my nice camera to take a few pictures of mommy and daddy. Digital cameras are the best…I said take a few, she took about 20 (okay, really more like 12, but it seemed like a lot).
2001-07-14 Tim and Sela2012-07-14 Tim and Sela copy2012-07-14 Viestenz-Smith Picnic (10)
2012-07-14 Anniversary copy
Also, looking back to last year’s post, I realized I never did post the video I made. So here it is if you care, which I expect you don’t ;)

I love you, Timothy! Can’t wait to see what adventures the next year brings us.

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