Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I’ve been meaning to do… {May Edition}

Just found this meme from a blog that I stumbled upon during Ultimate Blog Party ‘11.

Things I’ve been meaning to do…

Well, this month I’ll focus on my catch-all basement. The main room was revamped a year and a bit ago thanks to hubby and his awesome built-in shelves that he built me. Since then, of course, it’s deteriorated. We added a desk and book case for Kahlen, then another book case migrated down there from the living room. Oh, and all the stuff for my Picture This! Calendar Kits ended up in that room too. Needless to say, it needs a little a lot of help.

It used to look like this:

2009-12-19 My Shelves are Done (1)

Currently, it looks like this:

2011-05-01 The Basement Mess (2) 2011-05-01 The Basement Mess (3)AND starting in the fall, we’ve got to also have this room in the basement cleaned out:

 2011-05-01 The Basement Mess (6)so that both of the kids can do school down there together.

Ugh, how embarrasing…off to work I go! (Not really, I’ll probably get distracted somewhere between here and there and work on something else, like write some preschool blog posts, or watch more PSE 9 training videos on, or balance the checkbook, hence the problem)



Stacey said...

Girl, if I posted pictures of my basements current condition you'd think yours looks GORGEOUS.

Thanks for linking up!!

The Lazy Mom

Kimberly said...

a fully finished basement! very Nice...

bookshelves have a way of quickly giving in to Entropy.
I have to do a quick tidy on mine weekly (just the single one in me bedroom- the others go to CHAOS due to my neglect)

The Thinking Mothers: said...

I love that you're keeping it real! Happy organizing!

Knecht said...

uggg...i hate looming projects like that...

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