Thursday, May 26, 2011

{embrace the camera} / Daily Photo – May 26th

We’re in Portland, Oregon for my sister’s wedding! Thursday we drove to the coast even though it was rainy and cold, being the tourists that we are. Kahlen (and Nate) had never seen the ocean, so we had to go. Kahlen thought it was the best. thing. ever. even though it was cold and windy while we were on the beach. We let the ocean wash over our feet as long as we could stand it before running back to the car.

2011-05-26 Cannon Beach (14)

We also went to Ecola State Park, but it was even colder and rainier there, so the kids stayed in the car with Aunt Ashley while we looked around quickly. It was still beautiful, just not the pleasant weather we were really hoping for.

2011-05-26 Cannon Beach (42)

We’ll be gone until late late Tuesday, so posting will be very spotty until sometime after that (Like it isn’t that way when I’m home…)


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