Monday, January 11, 2010

Mommy Monday

Have I mentioned lately how much I {love} my kids? Well, I do! I love them tons! I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Nathanael is still a happy little {chow-hound}. Aside from nursing, he eats between 3 and 4 jars of baby food every day! It's a good thing I make my own, or we would go broke. And he's not even a teenager yet! For those curious, I get a lot of my baby food info from Wholesome Baby Food and the book Super Baby Food. He still thinks that napping from 7:30 - 9:30 pm and then being awake until 11 or later is a good idea, but we're working on that. He {adores} his big sister and would almost rather watch her than eat, almost.

Kahlen is in such a {fun} stage right now (of course, I think I say that about every stage). She is becoming her own little person more each day.
Here's the hilarious thing she did the other day:
Daddy was playing with her fun noodle that she had left out. I was sitting at the table on my computer. Daddy starts tickling my neck with the noodle. Kahlen runs over to him, grabs the thing, and says, very matter-of-fact, "Daddy, Mommy does NOT like that. We're all done playing with that now, I'm going to put it away." and runs off with it to put it away. Can't {imagine} where she's heard that before :)

Today at lunch, she wanted us to tell jokes while we were eating. Her joke was that she was going to eat Nate's green beans. Then she told me it was my turn, so we took turns making up "jokes" for the next twenty minutes while Nate finished eating.

Yesterday, she spent over twenty minutes laughing hysterically while flipping her fork on and off the table.

Last week I came down stairs with earrings on and she said "Mommy, you're the prettiest" awww, how sweet!

Here's a picture of them in their towels I made for Christmas:

I would love to hear the things your kids have said recently, I think preschoolers are about the funniest thing ever with what they come up with.

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