Friday, January 29, 2010

Crafty Wednesday - Clipboard

Okay, okay, I realize it's Friday. We had a busy last couple days.
Anyway, here's my project of the week.
I saw something similar at Mod Podge Rocks awhile back and couldn't think of what to use a clipboard for, so couldn't justify making one if I wasn't going to use it. Then my DH suggested that I start using a clipboard when I go mystery shopping to keep track of my stops and receipts and such.

This turned out to be a very simple Mod Podge project. I used Mod Podge Matte, but you could use glossy if you felt like it.
I simply took a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to size. I rounded the corners. I then cut another piece 4" x 9". I used my cricut to cut a flower using the Walk in my Garden cartridge.
I put a layer of mod podge on the clipboard, then affixed the first paper and smoothed it down. Then I layered the other pieces using mod podge. I waited for that to dry then put two coats of mod podge over the top of the whole thing, waiting for it to dry between coats.
Eventually, when I get around to purchasing acrylic sealer, I plan on putting a coat of that on. It wrinkled a little bit, but not too badly. I'm still practicing with the whole mod podge thing, but I'm getting better :) I'll be doing a couple more projects with it soon now that I have a bottle of it.



Mod Podge Amy said...

SO cute! I love it.

Sherri said...

I love this idea! I know what you mean about just starting to learn mod is an art!

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