Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hooded Towels Tutorial

I decided to make my kiddos coordinating hooded towels for Christmas, and thought someone else might like to know how too. Thanks to Kayt for showing me how to make these cute towels for my kiddos. This is the second one I’ve made for Kahlen, the first was before she was born so I thought it might be time for a new one.
  • Materials:
  • Full size bath towel
  • Washcloth in matching (or not) color
  • 3 yards 1”-1.5” wide ribbon

Step 1 – Take the washcloth and sew ribbon to front (side without tag) where there’s a valley in the fabric. If there isn’t one, sew about 1.5” from top edge.

Step 2 – Do the same on the towel, sewing one on each short side of the towel.

Step 3 – Find the middle of the towel and the middle of the washcloth. Pin the edges together with the NON-ribbon sides facing each other

Step 4 – Fold the washcloth out and pin ribbon over seam.

Step 5 – Sew ribbon in place. NOTE: This is the hardest seam to sew, my machine had a heckuva time with it!

Step 6 – Fold the whole thing inside out so the ribbon is together. Sew the top of the washcloth shut.

Tada! You now have a cute, custom, hooded towel! I plan on getting my kids’ names embroidered on them, but probably not before Christmas :)

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