Monday, January 4, 2010

Mommy Monday - Accessorizing & Pretend

Just had to post these pictures too...

Kahlen looks at me the other day and says, "Don't I look beautiful, Mom?" after accessorizing her outfit with hat, necklace, wand, and baby doll.

Her latest favorite game is making a bed in a laundry basket. I seem to remember doing similar things when I was small :) She can play in there for a really long time, which is great because she usually does it while I'm feeding Nathanael in the morning.

I love this girl! I love her new found imagination and ability to pretend. I love watching her learn new ways to play. I love how she emulates me. I sometimes can't imagine that anyone could love her more than I do, but then I remember that God does, and he loves me that much too, wow!!


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