Monday, January 24, 2011

And I’m a nerd…but I’m okay with that

Y’all know by now that organizing things makes me happy, right? And if I can make it cute in the process, all the better! Here’s my new solution for toy organization:

2011-01-24 Toy Bins (1)

I had all these bins left over from our previous attempt to organize our downstairs closet. Now that I have an Elfa, I don’t need them down there anymore. Enter toy storage/organization. 2011-01-24 Toy Bins (2) The kids weren’t playing with all their toys, they couldn’t see them all, AND they were constantly getting dumped out in the middle of the floor and left there.

I’m seriously hoping that this works. I just got it all set up tonight. I’ve informed Kahlen that it will be this way, so we’ll see what she thinks tomorrow.

There’s one small bin with toys that will stay out and a bin of stuffed animals that will live in her room. Also staying out are the small kitchen and cash register that I got them for Christmas, but they’ll probably make their way upstairs as well.

You can’t really tell in the picture, but I laminated all the daily signs. I stuck one to the top of each bin and one to the front with velcro. I decided to put the number and the word so that maybe Kahlen will be able to tell easier which one is for today. Hey, maybe she’ll be able to sight read the days of the week soon because of this too!

Nerdiness complete for the night :-)


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