Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Product Review – EduShape Tub Fun Fish Bath Set

We received this great EduShape Tub Fun Fish Bath Set from CSN Stores and I couldn’t wait to give them to my kids. 2010-09-29 Edushape Bath Toys (3) First, a note about the wonderful customer service at CSN Stores. I actually received the wrong set with the initial order, so I contacted them and they immediately got the correct set shipped to me, no questions asked! They even let me keep the incorrect set, so now I have two, hooray! Especially good since even though there are a TON of pieces, somehow my daughter cannot share more than about two with her brother. But with two sets, she can’t possibly hold on to all of them, so she’s forced to share :)

Anyhoodle, here’s the description from CSN Stores:

Children can create their own underwater scenes, as they use these soft, safe and colorful foam fish and other sea creature pieces. The Fish Wet-and-Stick set is ideal for tracing, stamping, imaginative play or water play.


  • Includes twenty aquatic life themed pieces in multiple bright colors
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Use for arts and crafts, bath fun or imaginative play anywhere
  • Wet-and-stick foam tiles attach to any smooth surface when wet

My kids think they are fantastic. I let them play with the container that the pieces came in too, which they think is great fun. After I showed them that they stick to the tub wall, Kahlen couldn’t get enough of it

2010-09-29 Edushape Bath Toys (4) She sorted them by color. Notice they’re up high so her brother couldn’t reach them.

After I took Nate out, she had even more fun.

2010-09-29 Edushape Bath Toys (6)

She made them go all the way around the bathtub and asked if she could leave it there.

Suffice it to say, these are a big hit! They don’t want to play with anything else now. I like how easy they are to clean up. The variety of colors and shapes is very fun and the set is big enough that they could share, if they chose to ;)

Oh yea, and they stick to skin when they’re wet. An entertaining activity: stick a bunch to the back of an unsuspecting child and see them try to reach between their shoulder blades to get them off, heehee. Even Nate thought this was hilarious (sorry, no pictures, they were inappropriate frontal shots of my nekkid kiddos…)


Thanks to CSN Stores for this great product to review. I was not paid except with the product, which is mine to keep. All opinions are my own.

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