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Crafty Wednesday – Floating Beaded Necklace Tutorial

I was asked to share a tutorial at a women’s project night at church last week, so here it is :) I have to say, I haven’t made any jewelry for myself in at least four years. My daughter liked to break my necklaces as a baby, and I haven’t replaced the ones she broke. Now that my beads are out, I just might have to make a few more before putting them back away!


2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (15)

Materials you will need for necklace:2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (1)

  • Invisible Beading Cord
  • Clasp
  • Crimp Beads
  • 30 small accent beads (I used small silver rounds and small silver squares)
  • 8 slightly larger colored beads (I used 3mm crystal bicones)
  • 6 larger beads
  • 1 large bead for the center
  • Wire cutters or sharp scissors
  • Small smooth-jawed pliers
  • Measure how long you would like your necklace to be and add 1 1/2”. Cut a piece of invisible cord to that length. 2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (4)
  • Secure the clasp onto one end of the cord:
  • Put two crimps onto one end of the cord.
  • Then thread the clasp on.
  • Put the short end of the cord into the crimps as well and use pliers to lightly crimp both crimps.


  • Thread all of your beads on:small section
    • First thread on a crimp bead
    • Then the smallest accent bead
    • Next a small colored bead
    • Then another small accent bead
    • Then another crimp bead
    • Repeat small sectionlarge section
    • Then a crimp bead
    • Next a small accent bead
    • Next a larger colored bead
    • Then a small accent bead
    • Then a crimp bead
    • Repeat small section2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (5)
    • Repeat large section
    • Repeat small section
    • Repeat large section
    • Then a crimp bead
    • Then a small accent bead
    • Then the large middle bead
    • Then a small accent bead
    • Then a crimp bead
    • You’re halfway there! Repeat all sections.
    • Crimp other side of clasp onto the other end of the cord, following the same procedure as the first side.





  • Crimp your beads in place:
    • First lay out all beads with the spacing you’d like. I eyeball it first, then use a ruler to make sure they’re about even. 2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (6)
    • Starting with the middle section, start crimping the crimp beads using light pressure with the pliers.
    • Work up one side first, using a ruler if you desire to make sure the spacing is approximately the same for each set of beads. In this case, they’re about 3/4” from one crimp to the next.2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (7)
    • When you get to the clasp on one side, go back to the middle bead and start back up the other side. You can use the first side you did to measure if they’re in the right place instead of using a ruler.

2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (9) clip_image001[16]


  • Voila! You now have a floating necklace! But what about a matching pai2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (11)r of earrings?
  • Materials Needed:
    • 2 Earring Hooks. I recommend sterling silver
    • 2 2” Earring Head Pins
    • 4 Small Silver Accent Beads 
    • 4 Small Colored Beads (I used 3mm crystal bicones)
    • 2 Larger Beads




clip_image001[18]2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (14)

  • Thread beads onto earring head pin:
    • Start with small colored bead
    • Then a silver accent bead
    • Then a large bead
    • Then a silver accent bead
    • Next a small colored bead
    • Last a earring wire



clip_image001[20]2010-11-02 Necklace Tutorial (13)

  • Using the pliers, bend the head  pin around into a loop and into the top bead.
  • Repeat for other earring.
  • Tada!!!!




Floating Necklace Tutorial


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