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Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Stars Preschool – Review 1 (LTHIFE)

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Kahlen is 3 years, 10 months

Oops, way behind again! In my own defense, we’ve been sick and battling lice and now we just decided to replace the flooring on our entire main level!

Anyhoodle, this was our review that we did of the first six weeks of school. We actually took two weeks to review because it just fit better. That way, too, we were able to do one letter per day since we usually do 4 days a week and there were 6 letters to review. It was nice taking it a little slower and doing some other activities during the week, like free painting, that we don’t usually do because we’re doing our curriculum activities.

RRSP Highlights

We used the power point show from each week to briefly go over the verse, the letter, and the sight word. I also took the review unit that Carissa has made, printed everything, and laminated it. I didn’t have time (or money) to go get metal rings to hold everything, but I did pick up some small plastic rings while we were at Home Depot  doing their Kids Workshop. I made one ring for:

  • The verses. I put the verse on the back and the picture that was associated with that verse on the front.
  • The sight words
  • Numbers. I put the numbers on the front, and the objects on the back.
  • Two for the letters. One had the letter with objects on the front, and a plain letter on the back. The other had letters on both sides.

Almost all of the things I used are included in the download from the members only area at 1+1+1=1 (She only charges $10 and it’s been sooooooooo worth it!!)

I also laminated the letter find that has upper and lower case of all the letters in our review.

So, for each day of our review, we

  • Picked one of the rings to focus on. We either talked about them or she traced them.2010-10-19 Review Day 4 (2)
  • Wrote our sight word on a dry erase board (I’ll get the link for the ones we have when Oriental Trading is back up)2010-10-22 Review Day 6 (4)
  • Circled the letter of the day on the letter find2010-10-18 Review Day 3 (11)

Letter of the week highlights

I used a lot of activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s A-Z Review, and just pulled out the letters we needed. I also went through the letter of the week curriculum and picked a few activities that we hadn’t done for each letter.

For every letter, we did the Collage Worksheet, which I put in a binder with room for the other letters as we do them later in the year.

  2010-10-11 Review Day 1 (4) L is for Leaves

2010-10-13 Review Day 2 (2) T is for Tissue Paper

2010-10-18 Review Day 3 (2) H is for Hands2010-10-19 Review Day 4 (10) I is for Igloo

2010-10-20 Review Day 5 (6)F is for Felt

 2010-10-22 Review Day 6 (10) E is for Envelope (which I let her decorate however she wanted to with her dot markers)

Ladybug Cutting2010-10-11 Review Day 1 (12)

2010-10-13 Review Day 2 (5) Turtle coloring. She did NOT want to color the ones that were upside down, so I had her turn the paper upside down so they were right side up :)

Hippo patterns2010-10-18 Review Day 3 (9)

   2010-10-19 Review Day 4 (7) Inchworm building

 2010-10-22 Review Day 6 (8) Elephant shape craft

2010-10-11 Review Day 1 (10)Spoon alphabet matching. She did not like this one much either, but mostly because she actually had to think about it and because it took awhile to complete. She did it though, and did a great job!

A-Z Beginning Matching Game. The cards just have the picture on it and they have to match the correct letter. We did uppercase then lowercase, and she did great!2010-10-18 Review Day 3 (5) 


 2010-10-20 Review Day 5 (8) Uppercase/Lowercase matching. Went very fast, she’s a pro at recognizing her letters now!


Kumon Workbooks 

We continue to work through our Kumon books: My First Book of Drawing and My First Book of Cutting. She’s been improving in her cutting skills and has complained less about the drawing. Still not her favorite, though.

She drew a snow cone and an acorn for our review weeks. 2010-10-11 Review Day 1 (16) 2010-10-22 Review Day 6 (6) She was frustrated that we didn’t have two different colors of brown for the acorn, but that’s what happens when there are only 8 markers in the set.

She cut a ruler, and then went around for days measuring everything, including her brother. Eventually, she left it sitting somewhere and Nate got a hold of it. The end of the ruler.

2010-10-18 Review Day 3 (16)

Extras She *loves* Starfall. I frequently find her clicking on another letter, quick, before mom notices I’m done with the first one!

2010-10-20 Review Day 5 (10) We don’t do it all the time, *maybe* once a week, but it’s good.

For shape and cutting practice this week, I took this Trace the Shapes worksheet from The Ramblings and Adventures of a SAHM that we traced the week before and she cut them out instead. 2010-10-20 Review Day 5 (3) 2010-10-20 Review Day 5 (4)

It was very challenging for her, but she did pretty good! Last time I had her do them, we just did the first page, which has mostly straight lines. This time she had to do all of them.

I’m still amazed at her memory and ability to pick things up so quick. She can recite all of the verses word perfect and usually the reference too. She will correct daddy if he says them wrong ;)

What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.

6 letters down, only 20 more to go!


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