Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Third Birthday, Nathanael!!

My middle child is now 3!! How did that happen?
My silly, sweet, goofy boy is a joy to me. His sense of humor is really developing as well as his cognition. He loves to sing and eat and pretend he’s going to work. He still gets frustrated easily, but he’s more able to deal with it now. He tolerates his brother and loves his sister. He can count to 20, as long as 18 and 19 aren’t needed. I love this little boy!
“Knock knock. Who’s there. No thanks, I’ll have a peanut. Hahahaha!” 2012-06-01 Nate and Liam (8)

Here’s the post from last year.
2011-05-30 Wedding (39)
And here’s the post from his first year
2010-05-20 Outside (10)
To read the story of his birth, go here.


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Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Happy Birthday Nathanael!!!!!!!

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