Friday, June 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday–Camping In South Dakota

Last weekend, we took a family camping trip to South Dakota to meet up with my stepdad’s family for a little family reunion. Thanks to Buela (my mom) and her magic cabinet full of gear for all, we had a very enjoyable time camping with three littles and a husband who doesn’t love camping. We camped at a group campsite with about 40 people total. We even made it to Mount Rushmore. It is very pretty in the black hills and we can’t wait to go back again! It was also nice to escape the smoke from the High Park Fire, which I heard was really bad while we were gone.

2012-06-16 Flom Family Reunion (3)
The view from our campsite

2012-06-16 Flom Family Reunion (10)
Cousins playing

2012-06-16 Flom Family Reunion (11)
Sleeping baby. He did great in the napping in the camper.

2012-06-17 Flom Family Reunion (10)
When did she get so strong?

2012-06-17 Flom Family Reunion (16)
"Swimming" in the lake

2012-06-17 Flom Family Reunion (22)
“You must pay the bill”

2012-06-18 Flom Family Reunion (14)
Buffalo Crossing.

2012-06-18 Flom Family Reunion (44)
Um, yea. I think you can guess where we were.

2012-06-19 Flom Family Reunion (5)
Are we home yet?



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