Friday, November 18, 2011

Kindergarten with Kahlen–Thanksgiving and more


Four weeks later…Oh well, I guess I’m not perfect after all ;)

Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been doing. Make sure you check out our fun Thanksgiving activities at the bottom.

Our main curriculum - Tapestry of Grace Year 1:

We’ve been moving forward from Creation through Noah’s Ark. For this activity, I printed two sets of animals. Kahlen cut out one while Nate glued the other one on. Then she had to find the matching one and glue hers near his. Simple for her, but a good way for them to work together.

2011-10-27 Noah's Ark Craft (3)2011-10-27 Noah's Ark Craft (5)

2011-10-27 Noah's Ark Craft (6)

Then we discussed the Tower of Babel and made a Ziggurat with paperboard boxes

2011-11-01 Ziggurat (1)2011-11-02 Ziggurat (3)2011-11-03 Ziggurat Finished (The finished product)

We moved on to the patriarchs after that, but I don’t have very many pictures. We made a travelling table and then had an indoor picnic co-op. We’re also working on an ancient Israelite costume for our end of the unit party in January.

2011-11-09 Traveling Table (1)2011-11-09 Traveling Table (2)

Fun Stuff:

On a whim two weeks ago, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion. I have a membership good through January. It’s about an hour from our house, and we were only there for about 2 hours, but it was still worth it. The kids had fun and so did I. Nate was not happy that he didn’t get to hold the tarantula that they have there, but you have to be three, and he’s definitely not.

2011-11-04 Butterfly Pavilion (1)2011-11-04 Butterfly Pavilion (6)2011-11-04 Butterfly Pavilion (17)


We’ve done a few fun crafts related to Thanksgiving. We’re having a co-op feast on Monday and will have a little lesson about why we celebrate Thanksgiving. To prepare, we made woven placemats (which I don’t have any pictures of, oops) and bonnets/headbands

2011-11-17 Thanksgiving School (3)

One of my friends posted this cute turkey craft, which we did yesterday. Turned out pretty cute, I must say :

2011-11-17 Thanksgiving School (11)

We’re also starting a thankful book. I took a basic composition book and mod podged a piece of fall-ish paper to the front along with their handprints. We’ll write some things we are thankful for inside and then pass it around during our Thanksgiving feast on Thursday and Friday with family. It will be a neat record of what we are thankful for right now. Then we’ll pull it out every year and continue to write things in it. I’ll have to add the baby’s handprint next year, probably on the back cover.

2011-11-17 Thankful Book (2)

We’re still plugging through Math U See Primer, First Step Reading, and Handwriting Without Tears without incident. In math, we’ve started actual addition, which she was very ready for, it’s almost to easy for her :) She’s getting more interested in reading, which I love love love. I’ve gotten her a couple beginning readers from the library which she’s been able to read almost by herself, hooray! We haven’t been stressing the handwriting as much because she gets lots of practice in other places, like her reading book, but that’s going pretty good too. I’m trying to get her to write her name in proper case more often, but she forgets a lot and just writes it in all caps.

I’d love to hear what’s been working and not working for you! Leave me a comment or come link up with me at HomeSchool Creations!

Also, anyone have any great ideas for Christmas Advent? This is what we did last year, and I’m thinking of something similar, but not exactly the same for this year. I got sucked into Pinterest, so you can check out my current ideas there if you feel so inclined. Once I get everything all finalized, I’ll try to blog it in hopes that someone else can use it too :)


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Beth ( said...

You have such a cute blog!! Love the tower of babel activity!! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me too, if you wan to. I wanted to invite you to link up at TGIF Linky Party - - Beth =-)

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Hi friend!

An advent idea:

My mother-in-law gave us this book (it was actually written by a friend of one of their old neighbors.) It involves building an interactive nativity scene day-by-day from Nov 28 up to Christmas, adding something new each day. It also involves daily prayer, discussions, bible verses, and activities. I plan to pick and choose what works for us. Anyway, I thought you would probably enjoy the book.

If you can't get it from Amazon (provided you want to) I also have an email address for (I believe) the author. Let me know if you want it.

Happy adventing!

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