Friday, February 18, 2011

Daily Photo – February 18th

I like shoes. Really. But I don’t have that many for several reasons. Mostly because I have enormous large feet and it’s hard to find ones that are cute, affordable, and the right size (We’re talking women’s 12).

Thanks to Bargain Blessings, I found a sweet pair of shoes on uber-clearance, with a discount, and cash back thanks to ShopAtHome. We’re talking less than $10 here, people.

Now I have ruby red slippers! (Ok, no bling, but they *are* red!)2011-02-18 Ruby Red Slippers


1 comment:

Knecht said...

Fun! Did you get them in time for Amber's party? Do you ever go to DSW? I've seen some decent shoes there, and they always have a good clearance section!

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