Monday, August 16, 2010

Preschool Corner – Catching up…where did summer go??

preschool corner

We just got done with the busiest 6 weeks of my life (Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but only slight), which is why there have been a lack of blog posts. Hopefully, especially after the Warrior Dash this weekend, life will return to normal :)

We actually did get some school activities done during July, I just have not had the time and brain cells to blog about it. I figured since we’ll be starting new curriculum in two weeks, I better do a wrap up of what we just finished! So get ready for a month’s worth of pictures (just from preschool, that is). We also finished our Zoo unit and did a bit of a bubbles unit somewhere in there, but I’m just going to skip them and let you know that we had fun :)

All of the activities that are listed here I wrote about in my Preschool Planning – 4th of July post.

2010-07-05 Independence Day Week 1 Day 1 (4) Red, White and Blue collage. I gave her a baggie of items, scissors, and glue. She decided she was making a person, complete with eyebrows :)

2010-07-05 Independence Day Week 1 Day 1 (13) Playing “Find the shape” with daddy

Flag puzzle completed2010-07-07 Independence Day Week 1 Day 2 (3) 

2010-07-07 Independence Day Week 1 Day 2 (8) Sorting stars

Making cupcake fireworks 2010-07-21 Independence Day (3)2010-07-21 Independence Day (4)






2010-07-21 Independence Day (5)Matching flags

Making a flag windsock2010-07-21 Independence Day (7)

Flag graham cracker snack, mmm (Yes, I had made too!)2010-07-21 Independence Day (9)2010-07-21 Independence Day (10)  

2010-07-22 Independence Day (1)Flag number cards (put correct number of star sticker on each card)

Straw painting2010-08-04 Independence Day (1)

2010-08-04 Independence Day (5)  Handprint fireworks

Pretzel Sparklers2010-08-04 Independence Day (6)


Everything I taped to the wall after we finished :)

2010-08-12 Independence Day

We actually did everything on the plan sheet, including all the books (Gotta love interlibrary loan!) It was a good unit, even if it did take us a month to complete :)



wendy said...

I love that about homeschooling! That you can take a month (in the summer, no less) to do a unit. I wish my parents could have homeschooled me. You (and your kids) are so lucky. :-)

Our Country Road said...

I love the cupcake fireworks! I hope I can remember it next summer. Looks like lots of fun.

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