Sunday, July 4, 2010

Preschool Planning – 4th of July

My turn to plan our school unit! This time, the theme is 4th of July. As I type this, my dear daughter is supposed to be taking a nap, but is too excited about the fireworks to sleep :)

To try and make this a little easier, I’ve decided this time to go through the activities one by one  and post either where I got the idea or the printable for it. Since some of them are combined, it might be not quite as simple as that, but we’ll give it a shot.

Here’s my overview page: 4th of July Unit Planning Sheet

And here's the Detailed Activity List: 4th of July Detailed Activity List2

Here’s what I used for each activity:

  1. USA Coloring Page
  2. Shape Race
  3. Red, White & Blue Collage – Collected random craft supplies from my stash. Didn’t buy anything for it or print anything specifically.
  4. F is for Flag Handwriting Page
  5. Cherry Playdough
  6. US Flag discussion (nothing special there)
  7. Graham Cracker Flags
  8. Match Flags (see page 1)
  9. Make a Flag Windsock (nothing extra needed)
  10. F is for Flag Dot Page (page 2)
  11. Cupcake Fireworks
  12. Holiday Sort
  13. Sort Stars
  14. Glitter Fireworks
  15. Find the Fs
  16. Flag Puzzle (page 3)
  17. Bubble Wrap Stomp (nothing extra needed)
  18. Loud vs. Quiet
  19. Star Sticker Counting (pages 4-6)
  20. Straw Fireworks Painting
  21. Cutting Practice (didn’t find a good themed one, so I just used one that I liked. Scroll down a bit)
  22. Edible Sparkler

Proverbs 15:1 song chart

Can’t wait to start this unit tomorrow!



Jackie H. said...

Thanks for sharing! We're doing Joyful learning too but this month there were a lot of things that didn't have printables, like the flag matching. I was just going to skip it (I guess I'm lazy :( ) but you came through for me!!! Yeah!!

Sela said...

Glad someone can use it :)

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