Thursday, July 1, 2010

Piggy Tales – Road Trip anyone?

This is the fourth in a 15-week series that I’m participating in over at Mommy’s Piggy Tales.
This week, the topic is age 7. I really struggled with coming up with something, hence the late night post :)

1988NWSLvLakeMe, my mom, and my sister

It wasn’t that things weren’t happening, I’m sure, I just have very few distinct memories from this year.

I do know that around this time my sister and I started taking long road trips with my paternal grandparents. Every year, they would drive from Colorado to Wisconsin to visit relatives, and sometimes they would take us with them.

My sister and I had a great time. We had lots of adventures along the way. My grandpa is retired Air Force, so we would generally stay on base on the way there. I remember every time we went with them, they would buy us a new game to play in the car. Remember those little travel versions of Connect 4, Guess Who, and so on? I think we owned all of them eventually.

1987-05 Sela and Oma picnic

We would stop for lunch at a rest stop every day and break out the picnic things. It always seemed like a real meal because we had food that required a plate and utensils, not just sandwiches (although we had sandwiches too). We would stop for a good long time before continuing on our journey. I think that’s what made it successful to travel with us short people, I’m gonna have to remember that!



robinegg said...

slap a blond wig on you in that pic and BAM it's kahlen!!! crazy.

Eos Mom said...

Colorado to Wisconsin--that's quite a roadtrip! I'm glad you had so much fun! Great story!

Melissa said...

I remember those travel road games. We never got to have them **sniff sniff**. We took vacations from IL to Fl- that was one long drive too. staying on the base must have been pretty neat!

SpitFire said...

I sympathize with the lack of distinct memories. I came up with mine really last minute. I'd even emailed Janna and told her I had nothing for this week!

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