Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crafty Wednesday - Princess Tutu

Here's another great craft idea to make for your darling daughters.

Link in case you can't play the video here:
Video tutorial for simple no-sew tutu

I made one for Kahlen's birthday. Because this was the second one I've made, it only took me about 45 minutes start to finish!

I also made one for her halloween costume. This one took me about two hours, but it had a lot more tulle strips on it AND it took me a little while to figure it out since I didn't have this cool video to watch :)

Just a note to the wise: wait until tulle goes on sale! It goes on sale frequently at JoAnns for 50% off. That would have brought my cost down to way less than $10.


1 comment:

Misty said...

Cool craft idea! This looks like something the girls and I will have to do together in the summer when they're "bored." Thanks for sharing, Sela!

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