Monday, December 28, 2009

Mommy Monday - Nathanael's eating solids! plus Christmas present joys

Today is Monday, and the first installment of Mommy Monday. I love my kids and they crack me up and keep me going. I want to remember the moments, and what better way than to write them down?

Nathanael started eating solids last week on his 6-month-day. He thought that eating rice cereal was a good game the first day, and thought it was a terrible idea the second day.

On the third day, his Buela (my mom) bought him an avocado. Man, I wish I had pictures, it was hilarious! He thought it was the best thing ever invented. He was trying to grab the spoon from me and shove it in his mouth, and got really mad when it was all gone. He ate about half an avocado on his first try and ate the other half the next day.

This picture is what Kahlen thought of avocados. More evidence that kids are so different. Makes me all the more curious to see what Nate's personality will be like.

Kahlen got some great presents for her birthday and Christmas. I am very grateful to the fam for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

Here's her new easel from Aunt Stefanie and Rob, complete with paint cups and apron from Grampa and Grammy.

Mommy (me) got her a dolly stroller, which she's a little obsessed with. She pushes her kitty around everywhere.

Daddy got her a bed tent like he used to have as a kid.

We also got her Candyland for her birthday, which she ist just old enough to play. For the most part, she gets it and thinks it's fantastic.

Nana and Papa got her bristle blocks for her birthday, although I'm not sure who likes them more, her or daddy.

Being the second child, Nathanael just doesn't need that much stuff, but he did get a few toys. Here's the taggie cups that he got from Nana and Papa.

More on the hilarity of being a mom next Monday!


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