Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crafty Wednesday - Bow, Clippy, and Necklace Holder

Another one of Kahlen's birthday presents this year...
I used to just have all her bows and clippys on ribbons on the wall, which worked pretty well too, but not nearly as cute. (Forgot to take a picture, darn it)

Got this idea from several friends and several different online tutorials, which I didn't really follow :)

Forgot to take pictures during the process too, but you'll get the idea.
I bought a plain wood frame from Hobby Lobby and Mod Podged butterfly scrapbook paper to the entire front of it. If the frame you picked doesn't come with hangers, you'll want to get some of those too :)
Then I used a hot glue gun and a staple gun to attach ribbon going both ways. I bought some small hooks from Ace Hardware and screwed them into the bottom for necklaces. I should have drilled pilot holes, but I just muscled them in.

Here's what it looks like full:

If you like the super-cute flower clips, you can purchase them from my friend Robin here

Kahlen wanted me to take her picture too :)

Now to get her to WANT to wear these cute things, instead of me begging her!



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Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

i made one very similar- arent these so fun!

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