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Mosaic Review–Classical Historian Ancient History Go Fish

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A few weeks ago, we received this awesome Go Fish game. What makes it different you ask? Let me tell you!

This one deck of 50 cards with the answer key teaches the following skills through four fun games: Basic historical facts, Chronology, Geography, Association, and Social Skills required to follow the rules and play games with others.

Four Games in One:
A. Go Fish
B. Collect the Cards
C. Chronology
D. Continents

While it would have been nice to have had this game throughout the year for our study of Ancient History, it is great to have it now too. When we played, it was a great review of the things that we learned all year long.

The cards are beautifully done. Each card features a picture of the object as well as the title, and they’re color-coded to make matching them that much easier.

I had Kahlen (who is 6) play by herself and Nate (who is 4) and I were a team. He helped me with the numbers while I held them, so it was a great family game. Kahlen won the first time we played, and immediately wanted to know if we could play again. 2013-06-28 Go Fish (4)We only were able to play the Go Fish way because of the age and skill levels of my kids, but the other ways to play look really fun too, and I’ll be glad in four years when we come back to Ancient History that we’ll have this resource.

Here’s a synopsis of the four ways to play:

Go Fish

Players try to collect all four-of-a-kind cards from the following categories. The player who captures most sets wins.

Collect the Cards

Players use historical facts (hints) to try and guess the image on the card. If a player guesses correctly, he wins the card.



Following the Answer Key instructions, shuffle the cards necessary for the chronology game. When one player signals, the other player assembles all cards in chronological order, as fast as he can. The fastest time wins!


Place the Continents cards at the top of the playing field. Shuffle the other cards. When one player signals, the other player assembles all cards under the correct continent, as fast as he can. The fastest time wins! Answer key provided.

This game was a big hit, and I’m considering buying the Medieval History Go Fish game for next year, since we’ll be studying that portion of history next!


You can go here to read other reviews, both of this game and of other products. Or you can go here to purchase this and other products. The Go Fish games retail for just $11.95!


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