Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–Kool Aid Soda Pop

This is on our Summer Fun! board of activities to do this summer. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, since I changed the recipe a bit. Instead of adding these to Sprite, which is already so sweet, I poured club soda over them in a pitcher. The kids *loved* them! Granted, my kids are limited in the amount of sugar they have, so this worked great for us :) I’m guessing by the time they’re 10, I’ll have to use Sprite instead.

I made five 1/2 batches of kool aid and froze them. I couldn’t find any green kool aid, which frustrated my daughter, lol. A 1/2 batch made just over two ice cube trays, which is more than enough for us. I then just layered them in freezer bags and stored them for use later. I’ll be making more after I remember to buy more club soda, since we still have a ton of ice cubes. I might even use them for our lemonade stand that we’ll get to at some point!

2013-06-19 Kool Aid Soda Pop (10)2013-06-19 Kool Aid Soda Pop (9)2013-06-19 Kool Aid Soda Pop (2)2013-06-19 Kool Aid Soda Pop (3)2013-06-19 Kool Aid Soda Pop (7)


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