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Tot School - Farm

Tot School

Nathanael is currently 39 months

Okay, people. I am seriously behind in Tot School posts. So, you get the plan sheet and the pictures. If you have questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them! :-) Also, here are the printables that I made for this unit. Page 1 is for the Animal Sounds Cube and Feed The Animals game. Page 2 is also for Feed the Animals. Page 3 is a Tractor or Not Tractor “game”



Day 1:___Animals____________

Verse Song:

Proverbs 15:1


Big Red Barn Big Book

Farmer Duck with Audio

Color Farm


Stick Animal Puppets

& Prewriting

& Farm Shadows

Duck Mask

Shape Hen


Old MacDonald w/ Puppets

Old MacDonald & Verse


Animal Sounds Cube

Sheep Herding


“Animal Feed” (scroll to bottom)

Video: From Farm to Table



Day 2:__Machines_____________

Verse Song:

Proverbs 15:1


Tremendous Tractors (Amazing Machines)

Busy Tractors, Busy Days

Mighty Machines Tractors


Shape Tractor

T Is For Tractor

Shape Chicken 


Tractor Song

Tractor Song & Verse


Feed the Animals

Tractor / Not Tractor (page 3)


Mini Hard Boiled Eggs from the farm

Video: Shaun the Sheep

Game: Feed the animals

  • Print two copies of animal characters
  • Put one copy in Education Cube
  • Tape one of each animal to a bucket or bowl
  • Cut out the grain pictures (print enough for each kid to have at 6-10)
  • Place the buckets all in a line or scatter them throughout the space you have
  • Roll the cube. Whichever animal comes up is “hungry” and needs “grain”. Have the kids go place a picture of grain in that animal’s bucket, preferably running the full length of your space to do so J
  • Game is over when you decide. Some ideas would be when all animals get food; when one animal gets x number of food; or just when the kids tire of the game.

2012-09-24 Tot School Farm (5)2012-09-24 Tot School Farm (6)2012-09-24 Tot School Farm (7)2012-09-24 Tot School Farm (9)2012-09-25 Tot School Farm (3)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (4)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (7)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (8)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (10)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (11)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (13)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (17)2012-09-26 Tot School Farm (18)2012-09-26 The Farm (24)

Great Tot Packs that I found:


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