Friday, January 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday...on Friday 1/8/16

And so I begin again. Counting graces. God is good in the big and the small, in the obvious and the minute, in the physical and the soul-spaces, in material and emotional.

1. Sunshine in winter
2. First day of school after break completed and successful
3. Almost 4-year-old not complaining
4. God's complex word (Revelation 19)
5. Brothers playing and not fighting
6. Cohesive menu plan
7. Coffee. Always coffee.
8. Kickboxing
9. Sore muscles
10. Clean children (with little help from me)
11. Free jewelry earned and delivered
12. Red hair
13. School work accomplished
14. Clear roads on a snowy day
15. Friend Time
16. Shane Time
17. Nap Time
18. Story Time
19. Sweatshirt dress
20. Apologies
21. Cheerful attitudes while cleaning up


PS Read One Thousand Gifts to understand the background, the hows, the whys of counting these graces.

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