Monday, January 11, 2016

Menu Plan Monday - January 11

Oh yea, it's Monday. I mean, not that I really forgot, but it's hard to get back into the routine of blogging again. Mondays are sort of hard to miss.

Last week I made 4 out of the 6 meals I planned to, just like I thought I would. Life gets busy, plans get shifted, and dinners don't always go off the way you think they will. Yesterday I hosted a LuLaRoe party here and my dear husband offered to buy us a frozen lasagna from the store so I wouldn't have to cook. Tuesday we just had leftovers because we already had too many in our fridge. It was a good week :-)

So, here's what we'll be eating. I try to balance out types of food, but given our variable schedule, I no longer try to plan for a certain type of food on certain nights of the week.

Tuesday - Ranch Cheddar Burgers with salad and potato chips

Wednesday - Guiltless Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken

Thursday - Cheeseburger Pies (Kahlen, my 9 year old, will be making these as I have to work that night)

Friday - Lasagna Muffins

Saturday - YOYO (You're On Your Own) By this time in the week, I'm all done cooking, not to mention the fridge is usually stuffed full of bits of leftovers :-)

Sunday - 

I've been making about 4 out of the 6 meals I plan in a week, so we'll see which ones get ditched as the week goes. I'll be gone three nights this week for various reasons, so we might just end up with spaghetti a few nights :-P

So, what are you making this week? Anything I should "steal" from you?? Go check out some more great ideas at I'm An Organizing Junkie!


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