Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wordless Whenever–Kahlen’s Haircut

So, it’s not Wednesday…but I have a good story for ya.

I know every little girl, or nearly every, gives themselves a hair cut at sometime in their lives. Kahlen’s turn was yesterday.

She doesn’t nap anymore, but she is still in her room for two hours for rest time. She actually sleeps about 2 days a week, and her attitude is just better when she gets a rest time.

So, yesterday. She took some “supplies” to her rest time, which I didn’t know about. She had a skein of yarn, a roll of tape, and scissors. After making some lovely streamer decorations for her room, she gave herself a nice haircut. In the front. On the sides. And in the back. A huge chunk out of the back. I didn’t take any before pictures because she was horribly embarrased. After I calmed down a bit (I told her it looked really bad, is that mean?), I took her to Cost Cutters. She’s now sporting a cute short summer bob. The stylist was able to layer it enough to disguise the chopped parts, except for the bangs where there’s a nice hacked part right in the middle.

Ah well. Hopefully this will be the only time…

2012-03-25 Kahlen's Hair cut (2)2012-03-25 Kahlen's Hair cut (1)


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