Friday, February 15, 2013

PJammin’ Party–International Childhood Cancer Day is TODAY!

In honor of International Childhood Cancer Day, and as a tribute to Esther, we held a PJammin’ party last night with a few friends.

2013-02-14 PJammin Party (3)

We colored pictures to send to our representatives, ate pizza, and watched Paul and the Dragon.

2013-02-14 PJammin Party (2)

The kids had a good time. They were looking forward to our pajama party all week. They wanted to stay in their pajamas all day instead of just getting dressed in them for dinner and the party. 2013-02-14 PJammin Party (5)

To find out more about the reason for the coloring pages, go visit Sam’s blog. To just print off the picture, etc, keep reading!

  1. Download a coloring page at the bottom of this post.  There is one with flowers and one with a wagon.  Feel free to encourage your dudes to draw their own rocket blasters on that wagon...boys like to color things if they have fire :).  
  2. There is a space for the kids to write the name of their Representative or Senator and a place for them to sign their name.  
  3. Mail a copy to your members of congress.  You can find all the contact information for your Representatives here and your Senators here.  
  4. The deadline is fast approaching, make sure they arrive by March 1st. 

Esther Coloring Page Flowers by slalvarado


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