Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–Kahlen’s Sewing

While I work on a long involved post about Shane’s birthday and party, here’s a picture of what Kahlen has been working on. She’s taking handicraft classes with my stepmom once a week. She’s learning sewing, embroidery, and crocheting so far, with more to come as she progresses. This week, she made a vest for her beloved kitty to add to the skirt that she made a few weeks ago. Now her kitty is all dressed and ready to go! Kahlen titled this picture “Pretty Kitty”

2013-01-28 Pretty Kitty (2)


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Samantha said...

How fun, Sela! I would love to find a class like this for Lydia (in a few months, anyway). She wants to learn to sew SO badly...where is Kahlen going?

Unknown said...

Samantha, this is just a Grammy and Kahlen class. (And Nate and Shane when they're old enough). Have you tried Mama Says Sew?

Unknown said...

(Oops. That was from Wendy, Sela's stepmom. I'm doing the "class".)

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