Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shane is ONE!! (A celebration of my little Monkey)

Sunday we celebrated Shane’s birthday with a party. Good thing too, because he got sick with some fever bug on Monday and has yet to get better, poor boy.(This was today when his fever was 103.9)2013-01-30 12.13.46

(There are a few deets I need to add, but I really really want to get this posted tonight!)

The theme: MONKEYS!

The invitation: Will try to get a picture up of it soon. It was pretty awesome.

The menu:

  • Green salad
  • 2 9x13 pans traditional lasagna
  • 1 9x13 pan Carrot and Spinach White Lasagna
  • Bowl of plain ol’ noodles and red sauce for the picky ones (like Kahlen)
  • Apple juice for the kiddos
  • Soda pop for the grown ups
  • This monkey cake for the birthday boy 2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (28)
  • Banana cupcakes decorated to look like this 2013-01-26 Shane's Cakes (2)
  • Chocolate cupcakes decorated too

2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (13) Feasting kiddos

The venue: gym at church. Where else can I let 20 little monkeys run free?

The décor: I went all out, at least for me, this time.

I bought monkey plates, napkins, etc, at Party City2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (11)

Using my cricut and paper that I already had at home, I made him a birthday banner (letters from ZooBalloo, squares from XXX)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (2) 

Kahlen talked me into getting streamers while we were at the dollar store, so I let her direct me as to where we should hang them.

2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (6)

The guests: trying to keep it small when I have so many awesome friends was hard! I invited mostly just our current fellowship team and our families that live in Loveland. I still ended up with around 40 people, half of which were kids.

The presents: A Silly Monkey pillow pet, of course! He also got great presents from our friends. He thought opening them was pretty awesome. His brother and sister have since used his new toys more than he has, I think, except for the pillow pet, which he is quite attached to.

2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (21)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (20)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (26)

The video. A birthday party for one of mine wouldn’t be complete without one :-)

Shane is one!

Some other pictures from the par-tay:

2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (7)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (9)

Look, ma, I’m standing!


2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (14)More kids enjoying the feast.

The progression of the birthday cake. He was not particularly a fan. Oh well, I think it’s probably a good thing that he doesn’t dig the sweets, right?

2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (30)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (32)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (36)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (41)2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (42)


2013-01-27 Shane's Birthday Party (49)

I’m all done, mommy! I want to go home!


2013-01-28 Birthday Cake part 2 (2)2013-01-28 Birthday Cake part 2 (3)

I gave him another piece of cake the next day, he thought it was mmm, mmm, good!

And in case anyone cares, he’s 21 pounds (25th percentile) and 32” tall (95th percentile).


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