Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Me like a little brother"

Okay, trying to get caught up. Here's a sweet video of Kahlen from March. She had been asking me about my bible study and I told her that when I read the Bible and pray it was like talking to God. So, while mommy was sitting on the couch reading her Bible, Kahlen was sitting on her blanket reading hers. She prayed on nearly every page for a little brother, I just caught the end of it on video. She's figured out since then that she doesn't have to have a little brother to be a big sister, she could have a little sister too, and that doesn't change her big sister status. She's getting excited, but I still think she has no idea what the whole concept means. She does know that she'll be getting presents from Abuela and GranClaude when the baby comes and that mommy's present is a new baby.

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Shanole said...

That's so cute!

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