Friday, September 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–FLOOD

Truly wordless. I have no words for what is going on around me in my beautiful state of Colorado. Friends stranded. Massive damage to my hometown and the town I now live in. The recovery time for this is going to be long. Ugh.

These pictures were taken by my husband, who went on a bike ride to some of the areas affected downtown. And as a side note, he took them with just his phone.

2013-09-13 Flood (2)

This is the bridge that goes under Lincoln just north of Jefferson St.

2013-09-13 Flood (3)

Looking south at the same location.

2013-09-13 Flood (4)

The bike path at Lee Martinez Park

2013-09-13 Flood (5)

2013-09-13 Flood (6)

There’s more of the bike path buried under there somewhere.

2013-09-13 Flood (7)

Behind North Aztlan Community Center.

2013-09-13 Flood (8)

Also behind the community center.

2013-09-13 Flood (9)

Just happened to be there while there was a train going across.

2013-09-13 Flood (10)2013-09-13 Flood (11)


*sigh* Praying everyone stays safe and we can get this mess cleaned up quickly!


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