Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up–March 8–Unit Celebration 3

I have been focusing more on keeping us on schedule with our schoolwork, which has taken a lot of time and left not much for blogging. Add to that the quantity of books that I’m reading right now plus trying to be more intentional about being a better housekeeper, and that really doesn’t leave much for blogging!

Anyway…we have been doing great with keeping on track and having a good routine since January at the beginning of this “semester”. Also, I had been thinking a lot about schooling year round, and then I had a chat with my friend that I co-op with, and we both agreed that we’re going to do a modified year round schedule. That has really freed up my attitude about finishing everything that we’re “supposed” to do by the end of May, which in turn frees up my week to do other things, like skip school for a day at the park (or a day of heart training instead, which happens more often).

A few things that we decided to change at the beginning of the year:

* We started and breezed through All About Spelling Level 1. It was basic for her since she’s been reading for awhile and loves to write, but I wanted to start there to give her the spelling rules before we moved on. We’re now starting level 2 and will finish before starting 2nd grade. We also started All About Reading Level 2 and are really hoping that Level 3 will be available for next year!

* We have picked up our Artistic Pursuits book again. Now that I have us on a tighter schedule, we have time to do this, which we’re both happy about. She tells me she’s going to be an artist when she grows up, so I’m glad we have something to help her with that goal.

I also posted our current curriculum choices and what I’m thinking of for next year, which you can also get to under the “Tots and Homeschooling” tab at the top of the blog.

Okay, so what have we been up to?

A month ago, we celebrated finishing Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Unit 3 by having a mini Olympics and a Greek-inspired lunch. The kids got dressed up in their Chitons and away we went!

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (5)The horse race

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (6)The discus throw2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (7)The javelin throw

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (21)The foot race

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (24)Cheering on the last place finishers

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (79)2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (78)Tasty lunch of English muffin pizzas, olives, oranges, sesame bread, and grape juice.

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (55)2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (54)Can’t forget the littles!

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (46)Her display board from this unit’s projects. Not all-inclusive, for sure!

2013-02-06 Unit 3 Celebration (30)All crowned as winners with their laurel crowns (they were tired from running, and ready for lunch. Really, they had a great time!)

I have so many more pictures, but we’ll call that good. Now to not wait another 5 months before posting another weekly wrap-up!!


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Savannah McQueen said...

Yes, keeping kids on schedule usually means less blogging time. I hope you'll consider adding this post to my end of the week link up, Its A Wrap. -Savannah

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Looks like you're semester is really going great! And kudos for keeping to your schedule~that's important:)

Steph said...

You know, I feel the same way...when things are prioritized correctly, I don't have much time for blogging either. Your blog looks great and I love your bio pic and blurb!

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