Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Our New Car!!!

I have much to be thankful for…

At the front of my mind today is this:2011-08-17 New Van (2) Hooray!!! We are no longer a one-car family! You’re looking at my brand new used Honda Odyssey :)

Other awesome things:

  • My daddy got me a compact camera for my birthday last week to replace the one Kahlen broke a few months ago.
  • My stepdad fixed my DSLR camera…there was a tiny wire behind a bunch of tiny screws that had become disconnected.
  • Went to Water World for my birthday last week with my kids and hubby. Had a great day despite nearly passing out every time I had to stand in line (thanks, baby-in-my-tummy-who-needs-a-name)2011-08-11 Water World (9)
  • Survived my first trip to Ikea today…and was very glad we had the van2011-08-17 Ikea (3) 
  • Good friends to share the experience with.2011-08-17 Ikea (2)
  • Hiking with the fam over the weekend2011-08-13 Hiking (3)
  • Enjoying this time with the kids before school starts in two weeks. Looking forward to Kindergarten, but also enjoying our last bit of summer!

Hope you too are having a great month!


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Jennifer said...

Congratulations on the new car- and for baby who needs a name. :)

Leisa said...

Haha, having a second car can be pretty useful for families, indeed. It does help out a lot with transportation, especially if the car is roomy enough on the road for kids. Looks like you guys bought a pretty nice van there!

-Leisa Dreps

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