Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warrior Prayers – Pray for your sons 21 day challenge

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to add more challenges to my life right now, but then a dear friend sent me an email encouraging me to do it anyway, so here I am.

One of my favorite blogs, Granola Mom 4 God, is leading a group of us in praying for our sons for 21 days straight with no breaks. There’s a book to go with it that has scriptures to pray through on specific topics that we’ll be going through which you can get here on Amazon Kindle or here through the author.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with adding this to an already insanely busy month, but how can I afford *not* to pray for my son? The cost of not doing this is higher than the cost of doing it. I know that God will bless this commitment if I ask him to, so I’m doing that right now.IMG_7966 If you have a son or sons of any age, I would encourage you to join us in this journey. It’s not too late, we just started today! Head over to Granola Mom 4 God or the Warrior Prayers blog for all the info.

Watch for posts every Friday sharing about how the Lord is moving and working in my life and in the life of my son.


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